Mathpalsa Disha Samaj Kalyan Society(MDSKS)

Welcome to Mathpalsa Disha Samaj Kalyan Society (MDSKS)

Registered with society registration act, Govt. of W.B. India and also registered under Section 12 AA & 80G of Income –Tax- Act and FCRA.


Mathpalsa Disha Samaj Kalyan Society(MDSKS) is a Non Government, Non Political, Non Religious and Non profit making voluntary Organisation has been established on the philosophy of Love, Sacrifice, Commitment, Dedication & Brotherhood. Science 2008 it has been involved with people and working for the upliftment of the society in respective of caste, creed and colour. Just after one year it was felt necessary to get recognition to pursue the welfare and development activities for underprivileged, neglected & poorest of the poor people of Sainthia. Hence in 2009 it was registered as organization under the societies registration act 1961.Then it started its work with the objectives to establish a society founded on the value of equality, justice, peace & progress- eliminating poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, illiteracy, exploitation & inhumanity.


Mathpalsa Disha Samaj Kalyan Society(MDSKS) is the largest non governmental organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children in Sainthia Block of Birbhum district in West Bengal.

Today, MDSKS reach out to hundreds of children & families living in both rural and urban Sainthia area through a range of interventions. 




Drop Out Of Life is our way of encouraging people to quit whatever brings them down in life and go find out what it is you love”  explains Dowdalls “If you hate something, why keep doing it? We're not telling people to give up; we're telling them to drop out. Life can be really tough but it's up to you to make it better. Be positive, always look forward, and do what you want.”




When we address quality education for all students, it is with the understanding that the large percent of youth who have left school without graduating are minorities, children of poverty, children from low paid income families and/or children in foster care. The question to consider is, “Does our district truly create equitable schools where all graduates of system are prepared for post-secondary opportunities (e.g. college and careers)?


The main objective was to examine the dropout in the selected districts with regard to:

Ø  Cause analysis of the dropout problem with emphasis on dropouts by caste and gender.

Ø  Comparative analysis of village, school and family characteristics with disparate educational profiles effecting dropouts and absenteeism.

Ø  Societal, parental and institutional factors that contribute towards enrolment and retention of primary school children with gender differentials.

Ø  Factors that result in dropout of school children.

Ø  To examine the societal, attitudinal and socio-economic environment associated with high dropout rates of girls at various levels of elementary   school education.

Ø  Interventions necessary for improving retention and reducing absenteeism at different levels.

Ø  To study the reasons for dropouts from SC/ST/OBC and minority children.